Simple staircase railing designs from Oliver Fenner

Finely Forged

Gracefully shaped baluster details develop a sophisticated iron stair railing that takes a slight turn in the landing. The single railing provides a rich counterpoint to the more restrained wood stair treads and risers that are white and complements the homeowner’s tasteful furnishings.

Refined Rustic

Juxtapositions of finishes and materials create unique stairwells. In this modernized farmhouse, a wooden handrail and clear plexiglass panels fastened with glossy hardware fashion a contemporary stair railing that becomes more interesting when paired with weathered barnwood steps.

Curvaceous Climb

Without blocking incoming light or views of the arched window found behind the stairs intricately detailed iron railings garner focus. Rising from a white foundation, dark stair railings undulate up to highlight the stairs’s stately architecture and turn in the beginning steps.

Progressive Passage

The flat lines of the stair railing accentuate (and safely enclose) a floating stairway ascending behind a kitchen’s helping space. Available in a variety of metals and finishes, these clean-lined stair railings instantly confirm modern nature.

White-and-Wood Stairway

For conventional-style homes, the tightly tailored look of a classic white-and-wood-tone stairwell is usually the best option. Here, straightforward square baluster uprights and also a stringer are perked up using treads and a natural wood handrail.

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Handsome Harmonies

Carved from wood or whether made from iron, custom stair railings add a grand finish to proper stairs. The eminent paneled wall in this stairway inspired the large kinds and finish that was unbiased of the stair railing. Stair posts with carved details handsomely balance the ample carved balusters and handrail that is wide of the railing.

Theatrical Installation

With all the appearance of the rails of a ship, this steel balustrade bends along with the stairs as they ascend from landing. Horizontally set balusters going beyond the posts add dimension that is artistic, perfectly in sync together with the stairs’s getting shape. Glass stair risers allow light to reflect from the stairwell that is multistory.

Fashionable Beginnings

Without disrupting the peaceful rhythms of the home, straight balusters embellished with a slim curved handrail with knucklelike details partner to direct traffic and eyes upward.

Shower doors for small bathrooms ideas from Oliver Fenner

Invite in Light

This walkin shower boasts a clerestory window along with a glass door that let natural light to stream in and out from the shower. Thanks to its placement, the shower becomes another room that really doesn’t clutter up the small toilet’s sight lines or impede traffic flow.

Glass shower enclosures

Capture a Corner

Place a walk-in shower into a small bathroom’s corner, but enlarge the showering space by opting for a neoangled foundation and glass enclosure that measure to the principal bath area.

Omit the Tub

If showering is your go-to washing choice, forget about adding a tub. Use what would happen to be the bath wall to produce a huge walk in shower. Stretching across a bathroom’s rear (and shortest wall), this walk in shower provides a lot of pampering without overwhelming the little bathroom.

Raise See-Through Walls

Enclose a walk-in shower having a glass enclosure that is seamless. The clear impediments let natural light flow involving the restroom and shower, which then makes a small bathroom live larger than its measurements and take up little space that is visual. The impersonal tiled walls of this toilet continue to the walk-in shower to help the space-stretching illusion.

Double Up

The homeowners tucked a little soaking bathtub within the walk in shower to optimize a minimal quantity of floor space. Advantageously, the two-in-one layout keeps splashing wet and water footprints away from commode and vanity areas.

Go Long

Align bathing and showering stations on the longest wall of a little bathroom. By setting the bath contrary to the walk-in shower’s knee wall, the homeowners created a streamlined arrangement that left the opposite wall open for other bathroom fittings. A common palette of colors and stuff furthers the connection between the shower and bath.

Be Space-Savvy

Enlarge the utility of a little bathroom by designing a walk-in shower providing you with a solid wall or walls for placing tubs or vanities. Apparently an extension of the toilet’s board-clad walls, this knee wall adapts a shallow dressing table having a mirrored door. White painted walls, the glass tiled and enclosure walls of the shower, and reflective surfaces encourage light to maneuver around the space, inducing the little toilet to seem more roomy.

Simplify Forms

Adapt your getting-ready needs with downsized fixtures that don’t take up too much floor space. Narrow toiletry and this handsomely profiled pedestal sink ledge stylishly take the spot of a more cumbersome dressing table. The marble-tiled walls and ceiling elevate the merely furnished toilet.

Small bathroom designs ideas from Oliver Fenner

Stand-Alone Storage

Add stand-alone storage in your little bath add lots of style and to support organization.

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Keep It Simple

Straightforward lines. Basic designs as well as colors. Sparse furnishings. When trying to visually enlarge a tiny space, these design ideas can make every one of the difference. This streamlined bathroom is a study in fashionable contrasts.

Show Off Details and Craftsmanship

In a room that is tiny, every detail gets detected, so focus on quality craftsmanship and lavish features. This stylish vanity is infused with the room’s paneling, and also enchanting details on the dressing table doors and image ledge. A marble countertop and shimmering vintage -inspired hardware put in a sense of extravagance.

Draw the Eye Upward

The shower curtain is hung on a track connected to the ceiling, adding to the height of the room, too.

Choose Light Surfaces

This bathroom evokes serenity with brilliant whites and just-there grey walls. Shimmering mosaic floor tiles put in a touch of glamour to the calming space.

No Wasted Space

Examine the floor plan carefully and plan storage options according to your preferences and space constraints. Custom built-in cabinetry is usually the best choice for maximizing cabinet space. In this bathroom, a row of cabinetry stretches along two walls. The corner is good-used having a sizable upper cabinet that maximizes space with a door set on the diagonal.

Maximize Natural Light

Maximize the perceived size of a tiny bathroom by visually sharing space in the outdoors with the inside. Here, access is provided by a large window to amazing, private views. Two big mirrors hung help the small bath and reflect the view that is outside feel open and airy.

Install a Pocket Door

Consider a pocket door, when space is a premium. Because the floor plan does not have to adapt a swinging door, every inch of wall and floor space can be put to good use. A private toilet area fits nicely in this bathroom, thanks to your space-saving pocket door.

Wall partition design from Oliver Fenner

Whether you have an open floorplan or simply want to create private, cosy spaces in your house the right room divider can make all of the difference. The pictures in this post use everything from shrubbery to nautical rope to drapes to make spaces that are amazing, unique and instead go well beyond a folding screen.

The wood slats that float up with this particular stairs are a beautiful design component in this wood dwelling that is hefty.

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Installing an entire wall is just not at all times a choice. This panel that is big affixes in several areas, making removal and setup easy. Additionally, it gives a perfect place to display artwork, as you are able to view.

Taking the partition to another level, this special en suite does not have a whole wall dividing the bedroom from the bathroom using frosted glass.

This drape of hanging planters rounds out our green room partitions. It will be easy enough to hang this in a space that is bright and fill each planter using an herb that is different, making this choice both delicious and amazing.

Needless to say, there are also those times that intricacy wins out over simplicity, like in the delicately carved wood partition.

In this urban space, the kitchen itself acts as a central divider.

Some room dividers tend to be more club than midcentury. The gold sparkles in this drape that is giving are brash and lively in a glorious middle eastern way.

Another readily installed piece, these wooden slats perfectly divide the breakfast nook in this just elegant house and the dining area and take inspiration from Japanese design.

A lot of walls and a room can feel cramps and small, but not enough and distractions abound. This half wall with a beaded curtain and beams lets in lots of light and atmosphere while still keeping the office area taken from the remaining part of the house.

Translucent walls separate a concrete hallway from a contemporary family room with a Japanese flair.