Shower doors for small bathrooms ideas from Oliver Fenner

Invite in Light

This walkin shower boasts a clerestory window along with a glass door that let natural light to stream in and out from the shower. Thanks to its placement, the shower becomes another room that really doesn’t clutter up the small toilet’s sight lines or impede traffic flow.

Glass shower enclosures

Capture a Corner

Place a walk-in shower into a small bathroom’s corner, but enlarge the showering space by opting for a neoangled foundation and glass enclosure that measure to the principal bath area.

Omit the Tub

If showering is your go-to washing choice, forget about adding a tub. Use what would happen to be the bath wall to produce a huge walk in shower. Stretching across a bathroom’s rear (and shortest wall), this walk in shower provides a lot of pampering without overwhelming the little bathroom.

Raise See-Through Walls

Enclose a walk-in shower having a glass enclosure that is seamless. The clear impediments let natural light flow involving the restroom and shower, which then makes a small bathroom live larger than its measurements and take up little space that is visual. The impersonal tiled walls of this toilet continue to the walk-in shower to help the space-stretching illusion.

Double Up

The homeowners tucked a little soaking bathtub within the walk in shower to optimize a minimal quantity of floor space. Advantageously, the two-in-one layout keeps splashing wet and water footprints away from commode and vanity areas.

Go Long

Align bathing and showering stations on the longest wall of a little bathroom. By setting the bath contrary to the walk-in shower’s knee wall, the homeowners created a streamlined arrangement that left the opposite wall open for other bathroom fittings. A common palette of colors and stuff furthers the connection between the shower and bath.

Be Space-Savvy

Enlarge the utility of a little bathroom by designing a walk-in shower providing you with a solid wall or walls for placing tubs or vanities. Apparently an extension of the toilet’s board-clad walls, this knee wall adapts a shallow dressing table having a mirrored door. White painted walls, the glass tiled and enclosure walls of the shower, and reflective surfaces encourage light to maneuver around the space, inducing the little toilet to seem more roomy.

Simplify Forms

Adapt your getting-ready needs with downsized fixtures that don’t take up too much floor space. Narrow toiletry and this handsomely profiled pedestal sink ledge stylishly take the spot of a more cumbersome dressing table. The marble-tiled walls and ceiling elevate the merely furnished toilet.


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